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Online, PDF, and correspondence courses are a convenient way to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. But there is a downside to learning alone. The most obvious downside is that there is no instructor to clarify the course material or give examples to help with comprehension. Asking questions of an instructor becomes an onerous task: you write an email; wait for a reply; when the reply comes back you realize you were not clear with your question and the answer is not in context. And back and forth you go. Not having access to an instructor slows down your learning process and may even prevent you from understanding important concepts.

The other downside to learning on your own is weirdly not as obvious. You are alone. Well that part is obvious. But what isn’t obvious is what you are missing out on because you are alone.

In a classroom setting not only do you have access to an instructor, but you are one of several people working towards a common goal. You share meals and study sessions with new friends. You begin to understand that you are a member of a greater community with people who share your same values and interests. You learn from other’s questions. Your mind grasps the material at a greater depth simply by discussing a subject with your peers. You witness your instructor going off topic and somehow that becomes the most valuable takeaway of your day. Your mind is stretched with other students’ ideas, experiences and stories. You create life long friendships with people who will become your colleagues, your mentors and your biggest fans.

Nothing can take the place of the experiences you will gain by learning in a classroom setting and that’s why Lodgepole School in partnership with Wild Rose College of Natural Healing provide classroom experiences for official Wild Rose curriculum. Classroom learning allows you to be immersed in your local herbal community, ask questions of experienced instructors and study with like-minded peers.

All official Wild Rose College curriculum courses offered by Lodgepole School are available to audit at a greatly reduced rate for any Wild Rose Student who has completed the course at any point in the past, or is currently taking the same course by correspondence or online. This is a great opportunity to review the course material and learn with the advantage of a live instructor and peers to study with.

Let us know what Wild Rose College course you would like to take in a classroom.

Official Wild Rose Curriculum

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