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Nourishing the Blood: A Holistic approach to Postpartum Health & Wellbeing FEB 23, 2019FEB 23, 2019Saturday 12pm - 4 pm 1$65.00 (+gst)
Folk Herbalist Revival Series: What becomes of the broken hearted: Herbs for heart health FEB 27, 2019FEB 27, 2019Wednesday7 - 9:30pm1Pay what you can (Suggested donation $20) at the door
Pulse Assessment: Mastering the BasicsMAR 15, 2019 MAR 16, 2019Friday evening and all day SaturdayFri 7pm-10pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
2$165 (+gst)
The vital role of empathy in first aidMAY 10, 2019MAY 10, 2019Friday7pm-9pm1Pay what you can (Suggested donation $25) at the door
Herbal First Aid and BeyondMAY 10, 2019MAY 12, 2019Friday, Saturday & SundayFri 7pm - 10pm
All day Sat & Sun
3$400 (+gst)