Lodgepole School Founders

Tansi, Welcome to the Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies.

We are very excited to be opening our lodge to you.

Our school is a place that supports community, where we share knowledge of our ancestors, teachers, elders and mentors. It is a place for quality wholistic and herbal education, and a gathering place for gifted teachers and healers to share their knowledge.

The ancestors taught us the significance of the Lodgepole pine, a straight strong tree that supported the great tipis of the foothills and prairies. The people of this land teach us that the trees are our brothers and sisters. They call them the standing people, the chiefs of the plant kingdom. This tree provided the breathe of life, shelter, fuel for fire, medicines and spiritual teachings.

One of those teachings is that of the tipi. A tipi is more than a shelter or place to call home, each lodge pole represents it’s own teaching such as respect, humility, love, happiness, protection etc. Each of the 15 poles are placed in significance and in balance, they are tied together for fortification and support of one another as they stand together. This forms a relationship, representative of community and relationships. Each lodge pole mirrors our humans qualities, it honours how we stand in our own strengths, paths, gifts and directions but are all united in heart and spirit. We become strong and supported as we gather together in community with our own unique gifts and talents to share.

We invite you to share and welcome you to participate in our community, whether through a weekend or evening workshop, one of our ongoing classes or to share your own gifts through one of our do-it-yourself workshops, our lodge is open to you.

Thank you for stopping by.