Classroom Audit: Traditional Chinese Medicine Introduction

$ 350.00 + GST

Classroom Audits are for those Wild Rose students who have successfully completed or purchased the courses online at some point in the past. Proof of completion or registration required.

This in-depth course introduces you to the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine and its various theories. A not-to-miss course that will expand your mind and open up your creative healing meridians.

DATES: Sept 20, 2017 – Dec 13, 2017  Wednesdays 7-10pm

LOCATION: Central Calgary

Classroom Audit Students are not required to write exams or complete homework or projects. Students will not receive classroom materials, and will not have access to Wild Rose online quiz program. 





This course looks at the basic theories that create the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Theories introduced include Yin-Yang, Five Vital Substances, Meridians, Zang-Xiang, and the five phases.

This course will also address the factors of disease according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, as well as four methods of examination and pattern identification.

All topics will be introduced with their Chinese ideograms to develop a deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s inferential nature.


Dr. Tiffany Freeman R.Ac, TCMD, Reg. Cl.H (AHG)

What’s Included:

  • Classroom deliver of 13 informative Lessons
  • Opportunity to review course with an instructor, ask questions and get to know your Herbal Community

The Lesson Plan:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to TCM
  • Lesson 2: Yin & Yang, 5 Elements
  • Lesson 3: Qi, Blood, Body fluids & Essence
  • Lesson 4: Meridian pathways
  • Lesson 5: Organ physiology- Yin
  • Lesson 6: Organ physiology- Yang
  • Lesson 7: Causes of Disease
  • Lesson 8: The Four Examinations
  • Lesson 9: The Four Examinations cont..
  • Lesson 10: Eight Principles, Qi & Blood Pattern Identification
  • Lesson 11: Organ Pattern- Yin
  • Lesson 12: Organ Pattern- Yang
  • Lesson 13: Exogenous Pathogenic Factors & Principles Of Treatment

What to bring:

  • Paper and pen for taking notes
  • Your original version of the course manual
  • Your enthusiasm for Traditional Medicine!